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Men’s Health Fitness Council

So I was chosen for this “invite only” opportunity with the Men’s Health Fitness Council. As I always carry a healthy dose of skepticism, I suspected that they were full of crap, however, it looked to be legit.

I did some homework, and verified that this program actually stemmed from Men’s Health, and it certainly did. I decided to go ahead and accept the “invite,” and scheduled a call with Ruben Sinclair. I googled the name, and found a marketing company out of the U.K that goes by that name, and my suspicions were already being confirmed.

The phone call was today, so this Ruben Sinclair calls me as agreed upon, and immediately I hear a faint Indian accent (often associated with telemarketers) as he tries really hard to conceal it. He starts to sell me on how great the program is, and I’m now 100% sure that there is some bull crap attached to this. So before I wasted too much of my lunchtime with this guy, I cut him off, and I said, “Hey man, you sound like a person who is making a pitch, and not looking for talent. So what’s the catch?”

He said, “Everything has a price right?” I responded that the whole conversation sounded like a telemarketing pitch, starting from the tone, the scripted content, the obviously fake name, and the failed attempt at concealing an accent. Realizing that I wasn’t going to waste any more of my lunch time playing nice, he just cut to the chase and told me the catch. It was to the tune of $800 a year, or $85 a month for access to this exclusive community. This “invite only” community.

So basically, I’m being asked to pay 800 a year, for them to “allow me” to pitch my writing to them, which may or may not be chosen for their website. And all I get out of this is a badge to put on my page, some “networking” opportunities, access to some discounts, and a possible back link? Why not just call this what it is? It’s a damn sales transaction, we pay you $800 and maybe you give us a back link from your website which gets 14 million hits a month.

You know what pisses me off most about this? This guy was telling me that all startups have costs. Startups? Men’s Health is a huge, well known magazine which has been out since I was a teenager. You expect me to “buy in” to get credibility? How is that even credible? That’s the complete and total opposite of credible! You are not earning your way in, you are buying your way in, and there is nothing credible about that. This is absolutely unbelievable. I’m terribly disappointed, especially because this is such a well established product.

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  • That’s why I ignore all these requests. All a scam.

    • You know, since I verified this was actually from Men’s Health, I decided to ignore my gut instinct and give it a shot. But yeah, just another scam. “Establish Credibility” by paying us. Disgusting man.

      I see people on twitter saying, “Truly humbled at being asked to become a founding member.” FOH. You were chosen cause you cover fitness, and they need money. These may be talented people, but they weren’t “hand picked,” they were picked for money.

      Dude said, “there is a two step vetting process.” Really? Here is it, “apply,” step one, will you pay,” step two. LOL. Very disappointed man.

  • Solomon Richberg

    Thank you for this article. I was given an appointment tomorrow and I realize this is all a scam. It’s hurtful because I am doing something unique in this industry and provide mental/social concerns in health. I’m a start up too and it’s sad when people try to take advantage when you’re vulnerable.
    Thanks again, maybe one day I can interview you

    • This is exactly why I wrote the article. I realize that it might put me in bad with some folks in the industry, but I appreciate honesty and sincerity. These folks were not upfront about their “invite.” $800? They crazy! And hell yeah, I’d love to chat!

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