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Advice on the different methods of training. You could have started yesterday, but the next best day is today!

Running outside is therapy

For me, running outside is therapy. Well, we know that many studies out there tell us that working out in any way, shape, or...

Why don’t gym and fitness ads show real people?

Have you ever looked at a gym and fitness advertisement? Most of these ads show people who are in amazing physical shape. Many of...

You are not the only one

Yesterday, one of my friends was teasing me because she thought I was showing a few signs of fatigue. I was not fatigued, however,...

Erotic Yoga Class

Okay, you pervs, I know you came here expecting to read about some Erotic Yoga Class! But it's not that kind of party. Well,...

Not on my level

Not to be cocky, but my training, cardio, and conditioning are on another level. I train very often, and I train very hard. You...

Running through the projects

I'm not always the smartest person. That's just a fact. I'm fairly intelligent, but I've been known to make a faux pas here and...