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Tips on what, when, and how to eat for maximum fitness. You could have started yesterday, but the next best day is today!

How to bulk up

Here is another article I stumbled across from the old weight training days. I'll share it as it was written, and make annotations where...

Introduction to GMOs

Welcome to my column, Documenting the “Growtest.” Through this column, I aim to educate readers on genetically modified food (GMOs), discuss the politics and...

Basics on how to burn body fat

I wrote this article back in the late 90s, or early 2000s during one of my "lean out" periods. I'll leave the article as...

Aquasana Water Filter

One of the things that my family has been doing for the past few years is drinking filtered water. This practice is influenced by...

NextBestDay Q&A: I’m stuck at 305 pounds!

Recently, one of my buddies and clients from the gym reached out with a question. Julian is experiencing the frustration that most of us...

Can I Eat Bread while On a Diet?

Many people have asked me, "Can I eat bread while on a diet?" For the most part, bread has been cut out of my...