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Group Fitness

Why I bought my own gym mic

Most gyms have a club, or house mic. I mean, for our needs, these things generally work out just fine. But some of us...

Afraid of rejection

I know this is a fitness site, but let's take a few moments to talk about rejection as it pertains to teaching group exercise. When...


The problem with cutting out carbs.

Do you notice that when you cut out your carbs, you drop weight, and feel leaner? Complicated, nerdy things happen in your body when...

Aquasana Water Filter

One of the things that my family has been doing for the past few years is drinking filtered water. This practice is influenced by...
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Size 48 to 34. Still working on it!


BSN Amino X

Due to the new ownership situation over at Scivation, Retro Fitness at Rego Park is now carrying BSN Amino X as their "caffeine free" post...

Scivation Supplement Company Acquired by Nutrabolt

Some days ago I was at one of the gyms that I teach at, one of the managers told me, "Angel, enjoy that Scivation...

Clif Builder’s Protein Bars

So yesterday when I came in for my customary post workout protein shake at 24 Hour Fitness, I was given one of these Clif...

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